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Has that soul tie had its last turn with you? Are you tired yet? Have you had enough? Are you fed up with not receiving what you deserve in relationships? Do you even know if it’s a soul tie? Now I am sure that the reason you came here is because you are either in a soul tie or entertaining the idea of fornicating with someone you are not married to. I am here to tell you that I am a witness, it is not worth it. You do not have to live in bondage, and God has someone special for you. Save yourself physically for God and serve Him in this season while you wait for Him to reveal your partner to you. Don’t focus on your lustful desires but instead focus on Heaven, which is our end goal. If you are currently in a soul tie this one is for you, and we are about to wage war with the devil-like never before. It’s time to break free. Let your flesh know, let Satan know, let your partner know, “this soul tie does not run me! I am free and victorious, and I am not a slave to this soul tie!” We are about to destroy some yolks and break free of this spiritual bondage of soul ties and lust. I don’t know where it started for you but today is where it will end. I am claiming the victory and proclaiming that God is about to win as twice as many souls as the devil has tried to take. Being saved isn’t a hobby, it is a lifestyle. We will have flaws and mess up, which is okay, but we must remember who is in control. Repent, dust yourself off, and let’s move forward! It’s time to destroy this soul tie.


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