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About Sandra Thee Author

LaSandra Morrison also known as Sandra Thee Author is the owner and founder of Rescue The Children. Sandra is a Las Vegas native born and raised. She lost her mother at only ten years old to an accidental overdose, and has since reclaimed her identity by helping other people in similar situations. 

After a sudden change in 2018-2019, Sandra fell into depression which urged her to quit her job in efforts of moving states. Sandra lost her home, vehicle, and all of her personal possessions in her storage. One day while praying Sandra asked God what she could do to make money. She then dreamt about herself writing a book. 

In April of 2019, Sandra wrote, edited, and published her very first book Dear Outsider, The one who suffers silently. This was a book about a few of her life experiences and her healing processes. This book was to encourage people who have suffered from depression and childhood trauma. 

Following her huge outcome, Sandra wrote, edited, and published seven of her clients books. The sensation of writing and research showed Sandra how to capitalize off of her craft causing her to make about a whooping $45,000 in 2019. She then moved back out on her own and God restored all of her possessions. Sandra earned her degree in Business Fundamentals in September of 2020.

In the summer of 2022 Sandra published her fourth book "Destroying the soul tie" in Barnes and Noble bookstores. Sandra dedicates her time to being a mother, serving as a youth leader in New Light Missionary Baptist Church, and volunteering in the community with her nonprofit organization Rescue The Children Foundation. 

Now Sandra helps other aspiring writers with tips, capitalization, and marketing. Now Sandra offers assistance for others seeking to establish a 501c3 nonprofit organization as well as writing and marketing books for others within her reach. 

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